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AutoCAD Tips

Introducing commands from keyboard
A fast work modality is introducing commands form the keyboard, by typing the shortcuts. The shortcuts of the commands can be found in the file
acad.pgp, which can be edited in order to add or erase different commands.

Commands and shortcuts

PASTE.Copying the list from the command line
AutoCAD allows for the record of instructions given in the command line be copied by using the command COPYHIST (pushing F2, a window is activated in which all the actions in the open working file are mentioned). By using this command, everything that appeared in the command line during an operation is copied in the clipboard. The text can be reproduced in another window application of text processing by the command PASTE.

Configurations of drawing as template
First, the open file is configured by choosing the measure units, the dimensions of the space to draw One should choose from Save As the configuration as template. The template file is stocked by AutoCAD in the folder Template. When an application is opened, one should choose from Set up Wizart Use Template in order to open this template and the new drawing space will have all configuration done.   

Automatic print in Extents
If one prints with Extents most of the documents, a macro can be achieved that can be appealed by a button especially created for this operation.
Macro: ^C^C_cmddia 0 _plot _E _N _cmddia 1

Using Windows Explorer to open a block
A modality to open a block in AutoCAD can be achieved by a simple operation of drag and drop of the block in question from Windows Explorer in AutoCAD.

Faster loading of AutoCAD
For a faster loading of the program, one can eliminate by a command line the logo that appear each time AutoCAD is launched. Right button mouse on AutoCAD's pictogram, chose Properties from the menu. In Target type the following: "C:\Program Files\AutoCAD R14\acad.exe" /nologo (in case the program is installed in C:\Program Files.)

Framing a text between two points
This is an operation that can be easily achieved by the agency of the instruction TEXTFIT. When typing TEXTFIT in the command line, ask for the selection of the text that is to be framed. After the text is selected, the start point of the line that marks the framing length appears in the lower right corner of the text; the next step is to select the second point. When the second point was selected, the text is automatically framed.

Rapid calculations in the command line
AutoCAD can make simple calculations directly from the command line, by the command "calc". The following operators can be used: +, -, *, / . the topics of the instruction is: (function<space>first number<space>second number).
For instance: (+ 2 (* 2 4)),    (/ 10 2),   (* (+ 2 2) (/ 4 2))

Permanent verification of errors
The possibility exists to meet altered files. If you have any suspicion about some hardware or program errors, it is better you activate option Full-time CRC validation and AutoCAD starts verification CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) at each reading of an object in each current drawing.

Saving the drawing as miniature image
This option determines the AutoCAD create a compressed bitmap image of the saved drawing. The image appears in several dialogue boxes, including the label Tile Block from Advanced Setup, when patterns are used and in the dialogue box Select File, which leads to an easier identification of the drawings.