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AutoCAD Links

In this page I try to present you several sites where you can find utilities, tutorials, articles referring to the most important programs, as well as forums and discussions oriented to this field

Help & How-To: Autocad 14.0 Bugs
A page entirely dedicated to the problems the people that worked with this program faced, and the solutions proposed

The site proposes the exploring of a whole range of utilities (?) and CAD programs. There are about 3500 titles organized in 50 categories: from models 3D to utilities of format conversion and from benchmarks to drivers for plotters and printers.

The site presents a series of articles dedicated to the field CAD, a section of addresses of other sites CAD and a chat section. The articles are quite numerous and offer information about most of CAD programs.

A CAD forum where you can find answers to most of your questions. A possibility to participate in the forums dedicated to CAD, to program AutoCAD 2000, as well as CAD standards. You'll find links here too.

The site is organized like a portal dedicated to CAD, with links organized in categories, including: tutorials, companies of CAD software, sites dedicated to CAD for architecture, mechanics or industries, freeware, organizations, etc

News are offered here about the Autodesk products, as well as about a wide range of other software in the field. There is freedom of access to specialized articles, tutorials on line, to a series of CAD links and utilities.

A library of blocks and symbols from different fields of activity: architecture, electric field, furniture, hydraulics, interior and exterior design. The site also has a book section for the utilization of AutoCAD and one where programs can be unloaded

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